What Health Benefits Does Beeswax Offer?

July 18, 2022 by No Comments

It is easy to confuse honey and bees wax. They are all produced by bees. But beeswax has many health benefits and is a unique substance.

Beeswax cannot be used directly as it is inert. However, there are other uses that may be beneficial for your body.

Where Is Beeswax Made?

The glands of honeybees are responsible for producing beeswax. The wax is created by young honeybees. After they have dried, the wax is scraped off their bodies.

After the bee has finished processing the wax, it attaches to the honeycomb where it stores pollen and the bees. The wax can be used to store honey and protect the hive against infections and other contaminants.

Beeswax’s Health Benefits

Beeswax’s non-allergenic qualities can make it useful in protecting skin against airborne allergens. It has some anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other benefits that may be of benefit to the body.

Because it is gentle for sensitive skin and can provide other benefits, you may find beeswax in natural skincare products.

1. Beeswax Is A Natural Moisturizer And Protector For The Skin

Beeswax can be beneficial for the skin because it is naturally moisturizing. This makes it a popular ingredient in lip balms and skin salves.

Some cases may allow the beeswax to be used to heal minor cuts or skin damage. You can mix beeswax with honey or olive oil to make lotions and balms that can be used as natural remedies for eczema, psoriasis, and other skin problems.

It acts as a surfactant when beeswax and cold creams are combined. This creates a protective barrier over the skin’s surface. The Molecules paper states that this barrier protects the skin from irritants, but allows for the skin to breathe.

This barrier could also help protect your lips’ delicate skin. You might be less likely to develop chapped lips by using a lip balm containing beeswax.

2. Beeswax May Help Soften Skin

Creams, lotions, and soaps that include beeswax can benefit dry or rough skin. Beeswax, when added to skin care products is beneficial for the skin as it acts as an oil and a moisturizer, drawing moisture to your skin and sealing it in.

Beeswax also includes vitamin A, which may help in softening and rejuvenating dry skin.

3. Beeswax Is A Great Option For Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin who are more likely to experience allergic reactions to beeswax may choose to use it instead of other ingredients.

4. Beeswax Can Help With Common Skin Problems

Common skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and others have been helped by beeswax. Medical Research found that a combination of honey, beeswax, and olive oil could soothe common skin conditions and slow down the growth of fungal infections.

Is Beeswax Edible

People choose to eat honey wax directly or as a honeycomb. Some of these benefits include the ability to reduce pain, cholesterol, swelling, and treatment for hiccups, diarrhea, and ulcers. Unfortunately, little research has been done to prove that it is effective in treating any of these conditions.