A Brief Comparison of Mortise and Tubular Locks

April 29, 2022 by No Comments

Among different lock systems Mortis and Tubular lock, the system is quite popular and people are using them for a long time. However, let’s see and compare both the locks as most of the time people are quite confused about them.

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About Mortise

This is one of the oldest lock types as it was used before the 1950s. it is considered one of the best choices with which you can replace the hardware of homes built before the 1950s. Here a pocket-size space is made in the door where the lock is fitted. Also, its named Mortis because here the latch bolt and deadbolt both are placed in a single hole. Its different parts are:

  • lock body (it is the part that is placed inside the pocket-sized shape)
  • lock trim
  • strike plate (it is a metal plate situated fitted at the door jamb)
  • a skeleton key (for the locking and unlocking purpose)

and the mechanical components inside the lock body are:

  • Mortis Cylinder
  • deadbolts
  • sash locks
  • auxiliary latch
  • latch bolt
  • lever trim

About Tubular lock

These are the door locks used in all kinds of houses that are built after the 1950s. It has latched bolt and deadbolt both in separate holes. Its design is much similar to the pin tumbler lock. It consists of a trim plate, mounting plate, strike, wooden screw, spindle, faceplate, machine screws, latches tongue, etc.

It generally works with a spindle assembly that passes through a central latch, which makes the latch bolt retracted whenever the lever is rotated.

Difference between Mortis and tubular door knob

  • The Mortis lock is more expensive as compared to the tubular one whereas the Mortis lock is also more durable as compared to the tubular.
  • The Mortis lock is mostly found in the external doors whereas tubular is more suitable for the interior doors.
  • In the mortis lock, both the latch bolt and the deadbolt is placed in a single hole whereas the tubular doorknob bolts are placed in separate holes.
  • In tubular doorknobs, separate deadbolts are needed.
  • The interior Mortis locks are quite smaller in size whereas the tubular one is bigger and the mortis key can be available both with or without the skeleton key.
  • The mortise locks are always either right or left-handed whereas in tubular locks the handling is dependent on the manufacturing procedure.
  • In Mortis lock, the emergency egress technique is available however you can still have a sectional trim, but in case of a tubular doorknob, this technique is used inside the door.


Both the Mortis and tubular doorknob might seem similar, but they have quite different mechanisms and the Mortis lock is cheaper and approachable.