Evaporative Air Conditioning Has Many Benefits

April 25, 2022 by No Comments

Evaporative air conditioning offers an extensive list of advantages. There’s no better time to invest in an evaporative air conditioner that is simple to maintain and operate while also providing superior product performance than now. Due to rising energy costs and the fact that Australian summers are notoriously hot, evaporative air conditioning provides a significant and growing advantage over reverse cycle systems in terms of energy efficiency, healthier airflow, and performance, as well as overall lifestyle comfort and convenience.

Ducted evaporative cooling is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly methods of keeping cool. Evaporative air conditioners have several significant advantages over refrigerated air conditioners, including the ability to keep more money in your pocket while emitting fewer pollutants into the air.

Evaporative air conditioners, as the name implies, use evaporation to assist in cooling the air they circulate. Evaporative cooling fans, which operate on the principles of evaporation, circulate hot and dry outside air through water-soaked cooling pads, resulting in cooling. With each blow through the cooling pads, the water evaporates, and the heat absorbed by the pads lowers the temperature of the air being circulated through them. A fan then circulates the cool air throughout the house, which is connected to a network of ducts.

When cooling a home, it’s important to remember that the air is not re-circulated, so a door or window must be left open to allow the cooled air to escape. This ensures that the air in a home is completely changed at least every two minutes.

The difference between air cooler vs air conditioner is that they circulate fresh air throughout a building while expelling the stale, hot air that has accumulated over time.

What are the advantages of evaporative air conditioning, on the other hand?

Considering that Australians are dealing with high energy costs at the moment, there is a lot of debate when it comes to the running costs of evaporative versus refrigerated air conditioning. Evaporative air conditioning has numerous advantages over other types of air conditioning, one of which is that its operating costs are significantly lower than those of refrigeration.

Aiming For Better Indoor Air Quality

When the weather heats up, there is nothing worse than being cooped up inside for hours on end, breathing stale air for no apparent reason. When compared to a refrigerated equivalent, evaporative air conditioning provides a significant advantage in terms of fresh air, as it delivers 100 percent fresh, cool outside air while also delivering superior energy efficiency. If you have allergies, you will appreciate the fact that the fan in an evaporative air conditioner pulls outside air through cooling pads, which not only cools but also filters it off of impurities and pollens – a welcome benefit for allergy sufferers.

Evaporative Air Conditioners Are Environmentally Conscious.

Refrigerated cooling can not only because the air inside a home to become dry, but it also makes use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment as a whole. Evaporative cooling, on the other hand, is based entirely on natural processes that cool air by using water, with no chemicals involved.

Because, unlike conventional air conditioners, evaporative coolers do not use re-circulating air and instead replace it with fresh air continuously, you won’t get irritation in your eyes or throat, and people with respiratory or health issues will be able to enjoy their time indoors.

It is better for the environment and it is better for you.

Choose evaporative air conditioning and you will not only help the environment, but you will also enjoy natural, cool, fresh filtered air in your home or office. When compared to refrigerated systems, evaporative air conditioners consume significantly less electricity, resulting in a reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas in the production of electricity. Evaporative air conditioning systems do not use any harmful synthetic refrigerants to cool the environment.

Quick and Easy To Maintain

Regular service performed by a qualified technician periodically will ensure that the unit continues to operate at peak efficiency while maintaining low evaporative operating costs over time. An evaporative cooling service can be arranged through a network of dealers and service agents located throughout Australia in a short amount of time.

The Use of Water

Water is used insignificantly by evaporative air conditioners, which in many instances use almost 98 percent less water than a shower over a year.

Add Some Moisture to the Room

When it comes to air conditioning, evaporative cooling can also help to increase the amount of moisture in the air. Those who live in dryer climates, who may find it difficult to breathe or who experience dry and cracked skin when using refrigerated options, will benefit the most from this.