What are the advantages of drive-up storage?

April 18, 2022 by No Comments

When looking for storage, you’ll often come across the phrase “drive-up storage.” if you’re not sure what it implies (but would want to find out), keep reading. We’ve got all the answers to your questions about “what is drive-up storage” right here!

What exactly is a drive-up storage?

A drive up storage units is one that is situated at a facility. You may park your vehicle straight up to a drive-up storage unit if you rent one. Then all you have to do is open the door for immediate access! You may begin loading and emptying your storage unit practically immediately! Many individuals consider this to be the simplest and quickest storage solution. Some people even park their automobiles inside a drive-up unit to keep them safe from the weather.

Difference between Drive-up storage vs. Inside storage

There are significant distinctions between drive-up and interior storage. For example, if you need to store your belongings within a storage facility, you must do so. (We have enormous rolling carts to assist you.) You’ll be able to discover your storage unit and pack or unpack it there. To summarize, you cannot drive your automobile up to an interior storage facility. You must enter via a communal entrance and carry your belongings in from there. (There is plenty of parking near the entrance.)

Another key distinction between drive-up and inside storage is the ability of interior storage to be temperature-controlled. Antiques, vinyl recordings, files, mementos, and other items will be better safeguarded as a result. Just so you know, the majority of these storage containers do not have temperature controls.

Advantages of using a drive-up storage unit

For good reason, many individuals consider drive-up storage units to be the finest alternative. The following are the primary advantages of renting a drive-up unit:


The problem is, that it doesn’t get much handier than a drive-up storage facility. This is particularly true if you need to store bigger objects such as kitchen equipment, couches, heavy furniture, and so on. It’s a tremendous bonus to be able to dump things right into your apartment!

Additional sizes

Most storage facilities only offer a few different sizes of interior storage units. Drive-up storage units are available in a wider range of sizes. If you want, you can obtain one large enough to fill an entire three-bedroom house!

A little more room

While it may not seem like much, drive-up storage units usually provide a bit more capacity than inside units. Sometimes having a little more room may be quite beneficial.

Prices that are reasonable

Most drive-up storage units are less expensive than inside units since they are not temperature regulated. Yes, they may not be appropriate for every situation. However, if harsh temperatures do not impact your belongings, a drive-up storage facility may save you money each month.

You have very easy access to your belongings

If you have items in storage that you need on a regular basis, this is a good sort of container to utilize. All you have to do is drive there, unlock your unit, collect your belongings, and leave! There’s no need to bring your belongings inside, utilize a trolley, or put in the additional effort.

What do you keep in a drive-up storage unit?

The simplest answer is anything that isn’t influenced by heat or cold. Summer heat and winter cold may be intense in the northeast. As long as your items can withstand such extremes, they should be ok.

Ordinary home furniture and goods, for example, should be acceptable in a drive-up storage facility. Tools, materials, and heavy-duty equipment are typically not an issue. You may also store a vehicle such as a car, truck, Jet Ski, boat, or even a group of canoes! You can, once again, tear almost anything in a drive-up storage unit as long as the heat and cold don’t impact them.

Storage on wheels throughout the globe

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If you have any questions concerning storage, you can always talk with a manager online. Even better, have someone come to your local site and show you around, answer any questions, and get the process started.