Remember to keep the doormat clean and attractive in this position

March 25, 2022 by No Comments

We carry a lot of rubbish into the house as we come in and out every day. We were advised by an expert cleaning aunt to lay a floor mat at the entryway, which may successfully protect the inside environment and health while also looking extremely nice. This is, without a doubt, an excellent suggestion. Life will become cleaner and more sanitary in the future, and it will also save us a lot of time and effort. To be more practical, floor mats must be installed in certain areas, and we must do so in the future.

1. In front of the door

Outside the door, a floor mat should be provided so that we can rub the excess trash off our feet as we enter and exit. You will not carry waste or dirt into your home after opening the door, and your shoes will become very clean. Water vapor or mud on the foot can both be wiped clean, which is quite convenient for us. The floor mat’s substance should be easy to clean, because the mat outside the entrance is very easy to get dirty, and we’ll have to clean it every other time, which will take more time and effort.

2. The interior of the door

Having a floor mat inside the entrance can make it easier to change shoes, and we must change into slippers while entering the door to keep the waste out. The shoes can be placed immediately on the floor mat, which is clean and hygienic and will not be polluted by waste. We can even stand straight on the floor mat to change our shoes. The anti-slip function is also excellent, the feet are not cold, and ground moisture is not easily absorbed by the body, which is beneficial to health. The inside door mats should also be cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria, which is beneficial to our health.

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3. in the kitchen

Because the kitchen is a place with a lot of oily smoke, we should lay floor mats at the door and in the kitchen. This will effectively isolate oil stains, and it will be difficult to get oil stains out when we enter and exit. After a few days of usage, kitchen floor mats become oily, therefore we must clean and disinfect them so that germs cannot easily spread and concealed health hazards are not buried.

4. Restroom

Because the bathroom is an inconvenient place with a lot of water being used every day, we must use floor mats to avoid bringing out the watermarks, or the entire floor will become wet and slippery. The floor mat has a fantastic anti-slip function, so we won’t slip when entering and exiting, and it’s extremely safe to use. To absorb the water vapor on our feet, the bathroom should choose a good absorbent cushion. When cleaning, a disinfectant must be used, which is more hygienic.

Cotton or microfiber should be used for the toilet’s floor mat. It has the thickest and softest hair, as well as the best water absorption.

When you exit the toilet, step on the mat so your shoes don’t get wet on the floor and you don’t have to worry about getting out of the toilet.